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Another iPhone 4G prototype gets reviewed

After the big saga of iPhone > Grey Powell > Gizmodo > Jason chen > apple > steve jobs. First the prototype of iPhone 4G was disguised with others in bar which was accidentally left by apple engineer Grey Powell.

This prototype was discovered by the Gizmodo people and was review by the popular tech blog site This made apple's Steve Job angry and made jason chen house raided by police and computers were seized.

This great apple-gizmodo made a healty hyped talk around the world and as well as in World media.

Now iPhone is back on news. This time a Vietnamese forum has posted images of the iPhone 4G prototype. This was soon followed by a YouTube video uploaded by

Unlike Gizmodo's iPhone 4G, this version was turned on and it did not seem to run the iPhone OS. The phone was a prototype did not respond to any input methods. The back panel of the phone has a large camera with LED flash.

The device also lacks the screws at the bottom that were present in the phone that Gizmodo acquired.

An deeper look into the dismantled phone revealed an Apple-branded chip that reports suggest could be a reduced version of the A4 processor found on the Apple iPad.


So what do you think ?? Is apple trying to get as much as attention as it need before its much awaited launch ?? Becozzz apple is know to guard their secrets very well but why these iPhone prototype types are out???

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