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How clean our cities are ??

Chandigarh has emerged as the number one city in terms of sanitation in the National Rating Exercise, government said on Monday.

Announcing this, Urban Development Minister S Jaipal Reddy listed Mysore at number two, Surat at number three and the NDMC area of New Delhi in the fourth position.

"The purpose of this exercise is to recognise better performers as well as to encourage other cities to perform better. The idea behind the exercise is to galvanise action in states and cities towards better sanitation," Reddy said.

Terming it as a "timely initiative", Reddy hoped that all stakeholders will join hands in the endeavour of creating totally sanitised cities.

Policy rating of 423 cities which covers 72 per cent of the urban population was undertaken. The country was divided into five zones for the purpose and each city was scored on 19 indicators.

Officials said the cities were classified into four colour categories of red, black, blue and green.

"The rating of cities creates a baseline which can be used to measure progress in respect of sanitation in our cities and is expected to encourage cities to perform better in years to come," a senior official said.

None of the cities were rated as "Green" the best category in the exercise. However, four cities -- Chandigarh, Mysore, Surat and NDMC area in New Delhi -- were in the Blue category.

Reddy said he will be writing to all the chief ministers of the states to prioritise sanitation.

"I hope the ratings today will indeed mobilise all stakeholders to prioritise and take action for improving sanitation," the minister added.

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