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Hyderabad Scientist invents a pocket size fridge.

An engineer with a diploma in Fine Arts, Subrata Dutta works for CMC, Research and Development in Hyderabad and is an example of how arts (imagination) and science (technology) can come together with staggering results.

A mini-fridge which makes ice exactly in a minute, can be the most handy thing you’ve got when out on the road. Running on a rechargeable battery, the fridge was originally made with the idea of carrying medicines during long journies but can be used for a varied purposes.

“I have been curious right from my childhood and would dissect all gadgets. I participated in science projects at school and went up to the national level, where some of my inventions received recognition,” says Dutta.

Another achievement of his is a chemical which reduces the amount of water required to wash off soap. “This chemical contains food salts. It can be used in washing machines to get rid of lather, thereby saving a lot of water.”

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