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If you are deaf, the you may hear now.Cure for deafness 'found'

In a major breakthrough which may pave the way for a permanent cure for deafness, scientists claim to have discovered the "Holy Grail" of hearing loss.

An international team, led by Stanford University School of Medicine, has actually found a way of re-creating the sensitive "hair cells", which are vital for hearing, using stem cell technology. And, according to the scientists, the finding could lead to a way for deaf people to regenerate their own inner ear sensory cells to cure the condition.

Moderate to profound hearing loss is often caused by damage to the "hair" cells in the cochlea -- an organ deep inside the ear that converts vibrations into electrical signals. Finding a way to regrow cochlea hairs has long been a major goal — the Holy Grail — of researchers studying hearing loss.

The scientists now hope that the new study could be a step towards a cure — although a decade of further research may be needed, the 'Daily Express' reported.

Dr Ralph Holme, head of biomedical research at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, said: "The possibility that stem cells could one day be used to restore hearing is really exciting and could benefit millions."

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