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Luxury Mercedes-Benz EC145 Helicopter

Its Time for the luxury and the futuristic flying with Mercedes-Benz, ya you heard right flying with Mercedes-Benz. Upto now you are familiar the Mercedes-Benz>>Luxury cars but now it time for the luxury flight.

Mercedes-Benz EC145 Helicopter said to be inspired by the Mercedes-Benz's R-Class car series.Its having all the luxury needs you desire, Equipped with TV, fridge and requisite cup holders .......... with style.

It's got wooden floors but the seats can be upholstered in custom shades—or even your family's coat of arms, I'm guessing. For something so airborne it's surprising there's even room for storing bikes and golf clubs in the tail, or maybe even an inflatable dinghy should the desire for a paddle overcome you.

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