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New complaints on facebook from europe

Facebook is on the headlines over its privacy settings which its has been changing from time to time. Facebook, has faced sharp criticism from the European data protection officials for putting users' privacy at risk due to the changes it brought to its service, a media report said.

The Financial Times stated in a report that, "Officials advising European Commission said in a letter to the social networking company that changes to its default settings in December were 'unacceptable'."

It is the strongest rebuke yet for the US company from European data protection officials and indicates an increasing willingness to crack down on privacy violations, the report added.

Officials have said that Facebook needed default settings that ensured only selected contacts could see user profiles and users should be able to choose explicitly whether their information could be accessed by search engines.

In December, Facebook had made changes wherein, users' profiles were made accessible to others by default and certain aspects such as lists of friends were impossible to keep private.

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