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Sony PSP2 to be revealed at E3?

Are you a fan of PSP ?? Then there might be good news for you. There is a speculation the Sony might launch its PSP2 ,as it is named by iits fans. Sony PSP2 might be revealed at Electronic Exhibition Expo (E3). This launch might be true since Nintendo said they are going to launch 3DS.

3DS is said to offer the 3D -experience - sans glasses! Although Sony is not going into the 3rd-dimension with PSP2, but it is rumored to have  new features like two analog sticks similar to the  PlayStation home consoles and video streaming via  new build-in camera. PSP2 is also likely to finally catch up with the touch revolution, and we have our fingers crossed for a capacitive touchscreen . PSP's superior graphics power is rumored to get even better with a new supercharged graphics processor likely to give user a ultimately new experience.

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