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Steve Jobs 'personally asked Gizmodo to return secret iPhone prototype to Apple'

Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder, desperately tried to persuade a website to return an “invaluable” 4G iPhone prototype, after it was left in a bar by a company engineer, court documents have disclosed.

According to newly released California state court documents Jobs, also the company's chief executive, personally contacted Brian Lam, the editor of which obtained the sensitive device, asking they return it.

The New York-based technology gadget website said it would only return the device if Apple confirmed its authenticity.

The company later confirmed it owned the phone but did not state it was an iPhone.

The website, which is owned by Gawker Media, later published pictures and details of the iPhone prototype after it was handed to the website by a 21 year-old blogger, Brian Hogan, who sold it for $5,000 (£3443) in March.

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