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Why did Sachin Tendulkar join Twitter? Interview

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Do u know with his first tweet sachin had more than 5,000 followers and said to be breaking twitter records.

Q. Why did you start tweeting?

Sachin: Actually, it was Atul Kasbekar (photographer) and other guys who kept asking me whether I am on Twitter. When I said I am not, they informed me about a fake Sachin who is giving his opinion every now and then on various matches. I felt it was unfair - people getting wrong ideas, wrong messages, which were not from me.

Q. Just to confirm - the right address is @sachin_rt?

Sachin: Yes.

Q. Did your first tweet come after some practice?

Sachin: No. I just did it! I am getting used to it and in fact, want to put out a message saying 'Hope you bear with me. I am not used to all of this.' This is being done basically not to mislead people, which someone was doing in my name. The other reason to start tweeting is to keep in touch with my well-wishers and letting them know my views on things if I decide to comment on something.

Q. Are you going to be consistent as a Tweeter?

Sachin: To be honest, it is not my nature to share a lot (of views). I am a bit of a reserved, private person, but yes, I wouldn't mind sharing a few things. But also, making sure that my personal life is not affected or out in the public completely. It's just striking that fine balance between both and letting people know what I have been up to. The balance is going to be important.

Q. So it's not going to be a transformation from private Sachin to public Sachin...

Sachin: Let's put it this way... not completely public and not completely private. It will be somewhere in between but that balance is something I have not been able to figure out because I have just started last night.

Q. You said that you were surprised by the response but not many people are surprised.

Sachin: I was surprised because I just started at night around 12.30- 1 am. The kind of responses I got within no time included queries; as to how do we believe it is you. So I uploaded personal pictures, which nobody in the world has.

Q. The crab photograph was pretty outstanding. Where was it shot?

Sachin: In Goa. If you see the picture closely, the crabs are tied by a string. I have never held crabs as big as these. They are virtually twice the size of my face -- massive and live ones. The guy who had brought them along later set them free. That's why I said in the caption that I am holding them and not eating them for a change.

Q. You are following only Zaheer Khan and Atul Kasbekar. Is that number going to increase?

Sachin: It will. I am just new to this.

Q. MiD DAY has started a campaign to make you No. 1 on Twitter. Your reaction.

Sachin: (Laughs) It's wonderful! I will try and live up to the expectations. I know that it is tough but whatever is possible from my side, I will do.

Late night Tweet

3.20 am, today: Had a quiet meal @ the Taj Zodiac grill and chef Hemant Oberoi served us some delicious food. Meal lasted 4 hrs but it was totally worth it

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