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Android Phones Selling Faster Than They Can Be Built.

According to Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, company’s Android-powered mobile devices are selling faster than they can be manufactured. Verizon has had similar experiences with the Droid Incredible from HTC, an Android phone whose biggest problem has been that demand outstrips current supply, said to Reuters.

More Motorola devices, including several with front-facing cameras for video conferencing, are slated for release later this year. Sprint’s EVO, another video conferencing-capable Android handset, has been on sale for just a few days and is already sold out and breaking Sprint sales records, too.

Additionally LG, a company that had previously committed to releasing Windows Mobile handsets, has stated it will release 20 Android handsets this year alone.

Ever since the Droid’s launch last November, its sales figures have rocked the mobile industry.

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