Do you Know about?

Do you know ? A film is co-produced by 600 members.

Onir, who has directed films like Bas Ek Pal and My Brother… Nikhil made I Am with 400 co-producers. However, Anirudh has managed to rope in close to 600 co-producers on board through a social networking site while Onir's project sees only 400 co-producers in comparison.

He has titled his film Balls Hain Kya that will have around 10 people discussing their perspectives on everything under the sun - from sex before marriage to infidelity to virginity to marital rape/abuse to internet chatting to sex toys to bisexuality, fetishes et al.

The cast that he has finalised for the film are not actors but real people. Anirudh reveals, "All of them are very different from each other. The characters include a blind girl, a gay character, a young couple, a married Sardar, a eunuch, a model, a traditional housewife, a celebrity and a rickshaw driver, who will be playing themselves in the film.”

However, the interesting part about the film is that the debutant plans to shoot his film in a format much akin to popular TV shows, Big Boss and Sach Ka Saamna. He further adds, "I will keep all the characters in a bungalow for three days and record their moves closely. Then, I will organize some group activities. Later, I'll engage them in a candid chat and ask a few intimate questions as well."

“After the film, we will tell people to vote for their favorite character who had the balls to answer all the tricky questions. That’s why the film is called Balls Hain Kya. The winner takes home Rs 5 Lakh," Anirudh signs off.

Src & Text: [ibnlive]

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