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AT&T still loved by iPhone users : Poll

According to the recent poll by Yankee Group, the vast majority of iPhone users love AT&T.

Survey finds that the 73% of iPhone users are very satisfied with AT&T's service. This reports compares how non-iPhone users feet about the AT&T, and even to how non-iPhone users feel about other wireless providers.

The satisfaction rate of AT&T subscribers as a whole is 68%, and only 69% of smartphone users say they are satisfied with their mobile provider, Yankee Group found.

The results of this poll might made AT&T to celebrate upon since it was under fire in the media and on the internet about its service-related issues with the iPhone.

Gartner Research Director Carolina Milanesi said last month that AT&T's network has "limited the iPhone experience." And Drake Johnstone, an analyst with Davenport & Co., forecasted that poor experiences with AT&T would drive as many as 40% of iPhone customers to Verizon once that network gets the iPhone.

Src: itsapplestyle.blogspot

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