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'Batteries' that deliver power after vigorous shake

A Japanese electronics firm has unveiled a vibration-harvesting generator, which could soon replace standard batteries.

The Vibration Energy Cell batteries deliver power after a vigorous shake.

According to Brother Industries, the device could replace AA or AAA batteries in some applications.

In an event in Tokyo, the firm demonstrated the device powering a TV remote control, a remote switch for a lamp and an LED torch.

Its mechanism is similar to that of a bicycle light dynamo, only in this instance movement from a few shakes provides the energy to power.

"Our Vibration Energy Cells generate electricity using a coil, a magnet, and condenser that charges electricity. These are all embedded in the battery... Because of its low output this type of cell is designed to be used for things such as TV remote controls and LED devices, which consume low power and do not consume electrical power continuously," The BBC quoted a Brother spokesman, as saying.

"Currently the cells are still in the trial phase and so far we do not have a clear business plan for this item. However, we will continue to monitor the market to make a business plan when needed," the spokesman added.


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