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Comparison of iOS v/s Android Developers.

AppStoreHQ put together a comprehensive report detailing just how many developers have apps for both platforms.

AppStoreHQ scoured its developer directory and cross-checked developers for the Android Market (Android Market) against developers for Apple’s App Store. The data shows that hundreds of developers — big and small — aren’t betting on just one platform and are targeting both iOS and Android (Android) users.

According to AppStoreHQ’s research, 1412 developers in its database have published apps for both iOS and for Android. That ends up breaking down to 15% of Android developers and 3% of iOS developers.

Here are a few stats for some of the larger publishers:
  • Capcom Mobile – 4 apps for Android, 27 apps for iOS
  • Gameloft – 12 apps for Android, 136 apps for iOS
  • – 2 apps for Android, 2 apps for iOS

Check out this spreadsheet that lists the 100 most-talked about cross platform mobile developers, at least, according to AppStoreHQ’s AppRank.

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