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Computer Disk worth 100GB Capacity created by the Sharp

One of the Japanese electronics maker Sharp said that it is going to release a recordable Blu-ray disc this month that can store as much as four seasons of a television drama series or approx eight games of size like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

The world’s first triple-layer disc has a capacity of 100 gigabytes, twice as much as the dual-layer discs now on the market, Sharp said.

The write-once disc will be available in Japan from July 30, with the price expected to be about 5,000 yen (60 dollars) each. Sharp will also sell recording machines compatible with the format.

The format allows users to record about 12 hours of terrestrial digital television broadcasts, or 8.6 hours of satellite digital broadcasts, at their original high-definition image quality, the company said.

With the codec like X264 and .mkv, you can expect high quality Video content and even store approx 160 HD Ripped movies(approx 600 MB size) in this disk which is going to be released soon. This will be helping you save your Computer space and portability and some bad news is it might lead to increase in piracy too.

Src: Digital Trends

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