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Fit people are seems to be Smart.

The facts is that team of researchers have found that smarter people are apparently a bit more symmetrical in terms of the shape of their body than less-intelligent individuals. The team observed that body symmetry is measured by looking at those parts of the body that come in pairs, right and left — such as fingers, toes, hands and feet — and then measuring and comparing the width and length of each side.

To arrive at their conclusion, the researchers examined 14 previous studies that in total explored the possible body-brain connection among nearly 1,900 people.

They noted that past efforts have pointed towards intelligence as being a key indicator of future health, mortality and perhaps even overall fitness; a critical ingredient in boosting the chances for reproductive success and overall survivability.

It was this evidence of a connection between fitness and brains that sparked the notion among the team that body symmetry might correlate with intelligence.

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