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Hard Time for the 23 Million Chinese Bachelors wating to be Married :(

Thanks to the China's One Child policy which was intended to check the country population growth, now facing its side effects.

According to the survey by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China may result in 23 million Chinese men ending up as bachelors in the next ten years

As per 2005 census data the sex ratio of newborn babies was 120 male births to every 100 female births, falling well below the international average of 103-107 boys for every 100 girls born.

The Chinese infant sex ratio was 119.45 male births per 100 female births last year, said Li Bin, director of the National Population and Family Planning Commission.

The gender imbalance had already made it difficult for Chinese bachelors to find a wife.

As a result of this, some single young men from the cities would venture into the country side in search of brides, putting the rural boys at a disadvantage because urban bachelors have higher incomes and more stable jobs, official 'Global Times' reported.


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