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Kickstarter will help Android Phone to take off to Space.

Danny Pier, a 25 year-old self-proclaimed computer nerd who turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to get an Android  smartphone into space. The project is named as 'Astdroid'

Upto now over $2,000 have been pledged to help send the first Android phone to space.

Pier believes that he can outfit a weather ballon with an HTC Evo, and use its camera, transmitter, computing power and GPS technology to track the phone’s journey into space.

Funds will be allocated to finance the expenses of the weather balloons, recovery parachutes, helium and other supplies. Pier will also write an application for the device that will take photos and videos of the journey, as well as automatically transmit the device’s location for tracking purposes.

Pier’s ultimate goal is to prove that it’s not difficult to send a smartphone in to space, capture the journey and retrieve it once it returns to Earth. He will document his successes and failures along the way using social media. Pier hopes his endeavors will encourage others to follow his lead.

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