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YouTube theme song on Paul the octopus

Paul the octopus now has the ultimate accessory of every bona fide television celebrity - his own theme song.

Penned by a man billed as a novelty animal song writer, Parry Gripp, the tune features a somewhat nasal vocal track over a simple electronic beat.

The chorus is sung to the immortal words: "Paul, the Octopus, We love you, He picks the winner, When he eats his dinner, Paul the Octopus, We love you."

Paul's acquired his celebrity status while building a 100-percent record in predicting eight games correctly at the World Cup.

On Friday, his huge fan base was busy making the song an internet hit, and late in the day the song had amassed some 484,000 YouTube views.

Gripp's other compositions have also attracted quite an online following with masterpieces such as Hamster Mania (469,600 views), Weiner Dog Riding a Skateboard (886,000 views), Spaghetti Cat (1.54 million views), Boogie Boogie Hedgehog (2.6 million views), Cat Flushing a Toilet (3.89 million views) and Chimpanzee Riding a Segway (four million views).


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