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Mobile devices rapidly overtaking PCs

This is not astonishing to know that mobile devices will out number PC's in terms of share since high processing (now 1 GHz is on roll soon there will be 2 GHz...(motorola has announced)).

There are billion-plus phones sold per year. The number of active subscriptions, which is greater than half of the human population.The hundreds of thousands of apps for apple and android which is keeping the user hook to them.

Based on their respective numbers, the companies below represent the biggest OS vendors in both the smartphone and desktop space on earth. What's interesting is that, with the explosion of iOS devices and Android over the past year and the relative stagnation of the desktop market, mobile OS shipments are approaching that of desktop OSes. In fact, smartphones may be surpassing desktop OS shipments right now. I'm going to attempt to prove that below.

If you add up the desktop OSes (Windows, Mac and a few Linux) and mobile OSes (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm and more) you get around 900,000 units a day for desktop vs. 800,000+ for smartphone OSes.

Something to consider however: Windows 7 (the biggie) includes Microsoft (MSFT) OS updates as well as new unit shipments, which the others don't. That skews the number a little.

However, we have another measure, IDC's PC shipments for the quarter at just over 81 million for the most recent quarter. That's about 887,000 per day. Using the same type of data, IDC estimates that there were 64 million smartphones shipped globally in the same quarter, or 713,000 per day.

Here's the thing: Smartphones are currently exploding in an unprecedented way, thanks largely to Google's (GOOG) Android OS. Earlier this quarter, Android devices were selling at half the speed they are currently. That doesn't mean other platforms are slowing down either. With the exception of Windows Mobile, every other major platform is growing phenomenally:

Smartphones, or Mobile devices, will soon become the dominant computing platform.

Source: tech.fortune.cnn

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