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Royal family upset with controversial film in which Prince Harry being executed by Taliban

A Controversial dramatised documentary based on what would happen if Prince Harry,is taken as hostage while serving in Afghanistan has caused an uproar, with the Royal family reportedly upset with the depiction.

It is 90-minute film 'Taking Of Prince Harry' in which prince, played by actor Sebastian Reid being held as hostage behind enemy lines while negotiations are carried out to free him.

This documentary shows the prince, the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, being subjected to a mock execution, with an unloaded gun pointed at his face before one of his captors pulls the trigger, reported Daily Mail online.

The depiction has not gone down well with the Armed forces and the Queen and Prince Charles too are upset by the programme, said the newspaper.

The show, includes scenes where the Prince is confronted by a British-born radical Islamist and details how the British Government's approach to hostage negotiations
differs from other nations.

Featuring contributions from former hostages and intelligence experts, it also shows him being made to appear in Taliban and Al- Qaida propaganda.

- PTI Inputs

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