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Unicode Version 6.0 adds 1,000 new symbols including Indian Currency symbol 'Ra'

The Unicode Consortium's Unicode Technical Committee that is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Unicode Standard, including the Unicode Character Database had added 2088 characters, more that 1000 new symbols including Indian Rupee currency symbol.

This is good news for all the Indians and as well as business people as Indian rupee symbol made in to the Unicode character database merely within three months of the announcement of the new symbol for the Indian Rupee, it has been officially made a part of the Unicode Standard.

On October 11, The Unicode Consortium announced the newly finalised newly Unicode Version 6.0 that adds 2088 characters, with over 1000 new symbols, including that for the Indian Rupee.

"With the help of the Indian government and our colleagues in ISO, we were able to accelerate the encoding process." said Mark Davis, president of the Consortium.

The official Unicode character code for the Indian Rupee symbol is U+20B9.

The latest release of the Unicode Standard also includes support for the ancient Indian Brahmi script that was in use during the reign of Emperor Ashoka.

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