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Head to Lebanon to see World's largest wine glass

What greater than having a sip of wine from the world largest wine glass, lol...... joke apart, you can lift it even with your both hands.

Now Lebanon owes the world's largest wine glass, smashing the previous record set in Portugal in 1998.

An adjudicator of the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the plexiglass vessel measured 94.48 inches (2.40 metres) in height and 65 inches (1.65 metres) in diameter.

Dozens of onlookers were on hand to witness the giant vessel being unveiled during a wine festival at the Hippodrome in Beirut.

The previous record holding glass measured 59.44 inches (1.51 metres) in height and 57.48 (1.46 metres) at its widest point.

- AP Inputs

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