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Warren Buffet gets highest U.S Civilian honour award

President Obama to honour billionaire investor Warren Buffet with the US's highest civilian award. Other named for the Presidential Medal of Freedom were German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former President George Bush Sr.  .......

On wednesday i.e., 17 Nov, In a statement, White House said the following would receive the medal:

  • Democratic Congressman John Lewis, a veteran civil rights leader and one-time associate of Martin Luther King
  • Environmental activist and lawyer John Adams
  • Artist Jasper Johns
  • Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein
  • Dr Tom Little (posthumously), who was executed by the Taliban in August while on an aid mission
  • Civil rights activist Sylvia Mendez
  • Baseball great Stan Musial
  • Bill Russell, the first black coach in the US National Basketball Association;
  • Former ambassador to Ireland Jean Kennedy Smith, sister to late President John Kennedy
  • Longtime labour leader John Sweeney.

Src: [BBC]

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