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Glass free World's first 3-D TV from Toshiba, now available in Japan

On Wednesday, in Japan, Toshiba became first to launch what it calls the world's first television to public, allowing viewers to see 3D images without having to wear special glasses.

It was unveiled at an electronics store in central Tokyo, it's 12-inch model, named as the Regza GL1 Series, went on sale.

This 20-inch 3-D TV has a liquid crystal display(LCD), priced at 119,800 yen (1,400 dollars), will be released on Saturday Dec 25.

This Glass free 3-D views happened because of Toshiba's new screens use processing technology to create depth-filled images.

The Regza GL1 Series also allows users to switch between 2D and 3D on normal TV programmes.

Toshiba says images on the 12-inch screen are best viewed directly from the front and some 65 centimetres (26 inches) away, making the 3D capability less effective for families that would view together from different points around a room.

Rival Sharp earlier this year unveiled a small glasses-free LCD touchscreen that shows 3D images for use in mobile phones, digital cameras and games consoles such as Nintendo's 3DS, which is set for release in Japan in February.

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