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Nokia servers in India, now its BlackBerry time?

With Indian Govt surveillance on every bit of info passing by any medium or devices and adding pressure on the respective companies, Nokia has announced installation of a server in India to enable security agencies lawfully intercept its email and messenger services.

Nokia India Vice President and MD D Shivakumar called on Home Secretary G K Pillai today and handed over the letter, saying the company has conformed with all requirements suggested by the law enforcement agencies.

The company, however, assured its customers that their privacy would be protected, even while fulfilling public responsibility and legal obligations.

Server are installed to intercept data sent and received through smart-phones was a key demand of security agencies, which feared that this service could be used terror elements.

Similar demand was made by Indian Govt to install BlackBerry servers in india to keep a tab on info flow. But BB refused to install.

Canada-based Research-in-Motion, makers of BlackBerry, had said it was an industry issue and should be dealt with all the players including Nokia and other service providers who offer Virtual Private Network (VPN) services.

Nokia servers include authentication server, email enterprise server, and configuration database servers.

- PTI Inputs

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