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Openleaks, rival to Wikileaks by Ex-Wikileaks members.

Have you ever heard of Openleaks?? No ? Soon you will be listing to it. In order to protest against Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, a group of Ex-WikiLeaks collaborators are launching a new campaigning site next week, a Swedish newspaper said on Thursday.

The aim of the Openleaks founders is to build strong, transparent platform to support whistleblowers, both in terms of technology and politics and encouraging others to take similar projects, reports daily Dagens Nyheter.

The group want to be anonymous and carry out their operations in a democratic way and doesn't want to be suppressed by political pressure. They want to provide a whistle blowers to provide platform, instead of publishing the information by themselves.

Instead, other organizations like media houses, non-profit organisation and trade unions would access the Openleaks system and then present their audience with the material.

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