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This Bakrid, 180-kg goat was star attraction at Nagpur.

During the sacred festival of millions of Muslims, people searching for the best goat for sacrificial to god, a four-feet tall weighing 180 kg grabbed the attention of people in the crowded market in nagpur.

The giant goat, which weighed nearly four times a normal goat. Its owner Nadeem Khan said he had brought it from Chambal, Madhya Pradesh and had been rearing it for over two years, feeding it the best of food and milk.

He said he spent Rs. 400 per day on its care. He sold that goat for whopping around Rs.1.75 lakhs at the market.

And the best part of this bakrid is that Muslims of Pandharpur temple town in Solapur district postponed their Bakri-Eid celebrations by two days as a mark of respect to the Hindu festival of Kartiki Ekadashi, displaying unity in diversity.

- IANS Inputs

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