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Using lasers, scientist measures the viscosity(stickiness) of a gas(sixth state of matter)

Scientist have found out a new way to measure the viscosity i.e., stickiness in general term with the help of ultra-cold Fermi gas of lithium-6 atoms in this case, embedded to laser light.

This experiment can be considered as a big breakthrough in science because, the measurements verify that it can be used as scale model of exotic matter like super-high temperature superconductors, the nuclear matter of neutron stars, and even the state of matter created microseconds after the Big Bang.

All thanks to Quantum Mechanics for this breakthrough.

Know more at "Universal Quantum Viscosity in a Unitary Fermi Gas," C. Cao et. al. Science 1195219 (2010)

Via: [Physorg]
Src: [Duke University]

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