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2010 Word of the Year goes to "App"

American Dialect Society's has chosen the word 'App' for the ‘Word of the Year' for the year 2010.

App is the short form of the word application which is generally used in tech world. Now, the word App, is every bodies mouth thanks to Apple's and Google's market store for applications for mobiles and tablets.

‘Nom' - a chat, tweet, and text-friendly syllable that connotes ‘yummy food' - was the runner-up.

It derives from the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster's sound as he devours his favourite food, and was popularised on blogs such as LOLcats, reports the Daily Mail.

App was chosen by the linguist group as the word that best summed up the country's preoccupation last year.

‘Tweet' and ‘Google' were last year's ‘Word of the Year' and ‘Word of the Decade'.

- IANS Inputs
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