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Engineering students from Chennai, India develops nano satellites, weighs less than 10kgs

A group of 54(51 men and 3 women) engineering students from SRM University, Chennai, designed and developed a 10-kg nano satellite which is aimed to monitor greenhouse gases (GHG), expects, launch off with ISRO's Megatropics G satellite this April by ISRO.

Project named as 'SRMSAT', worked began long back in 2008, developed under the guidance of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).An estimated Rs.1 crore of rupees in invested in this project.

The students from 12 deparments of engineering in the university have been working closely with the ISRO to develop the nano satellite.

The ISRO said the satellite has to be tested before it can be included as a payload.

- IANS Inputs
Via: [IBN]

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