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A non-computer geek, Shigeru Kondo, from Japan calculates the value of pi to five trillion digits, now hold world record.

It all started with his hobby and love for his computer processing power and some help from US computer science student, Alexander Yee, who programed the application software.

Japanese businessman, Shigeru Kondo, with his home-built computer calculate the ever growing value of 'Pi', the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, to five trillion digits, almost doubling the accuracy of the previous world record.

His calculation was recognized by Guinness World Records with a certificate mailed to him.

Using parts from local warehouses and online stores, Kondo assembled a desktop computer that featured two high-end Intel processors and 20 external hard-drives.

After 90 days of non-stop processing, Kondo obtained a string of five trillion numbers that defined pi. He verified the result with different methods, which alone took 64 hours.

The previous record, set by a French software consultant in January 2010, was around 2.7 trillion digits.

Now, Mr. Kondo wants it to take to to 10 trillion digits.

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