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Your personal cellphone data info is for sale for as low as Rs 0.01.

In a secret operation carried out by a correspondent belonging to one of the reputed and leading Newspaper agency, revealed the potential embarrassing issue regarding the privacy of Indian mobile users.

The correspondent spoke to one such organisation that sends bulk SMSes. Posing as a potential customer, this correspondent was made an amazing offer — 1 lakh mobile phone numbers for just Rs 1,000.

The organisation claimed to have the numbers of MNC employees, high networth individuals and government employees.

The potential buyer was offered data belonging to specific areas, and was willing to give details on individuals on the do not call registry as well.

They offered to send messages to these 1 lakh numbers for just Rs 4,000. This might be the potential reason for, landing of unwanted SMSes into you Inbox.

Source: [DC]

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