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Now, tattooing on teeth is a new trend in India.

We have seen various tattoos on skin, now its time to see on teeth :D. The Young style seeking Indians are going gaga over dental tattoos, so don't be surprised if one of your friend shows you one.

According to Heman Verma, orthodontist and implantologist, Dental Styler in Gurgaon, In the last two-three years, dental tattoos have gained popularity especially as youth today are more savvy and adventurous than before.

This trend is quite popular in an age group both girls and boys, between 14-35 years in Urban India.

Dental tattoos are of two types - temporary and permanent.

In case of temporary tattoos, designs are in the form of templates that are stuck on the teeth. You can also get a custom-made design in a dental laboratory, which your dentist can then stick on your teeth and its a matter of 15-30 mins.

Permanent tattoos are drilled on the teeth which might take around hours depending on the design. Once done can't get them removed. Breaking your teeth may other option :P.

The design implantation costs start from Rs.800 and go to as far as Rs.15,000 depending on the design.

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tattoosdesigns said...

tattoos designs on teeth is disgusting thing . how people can be comfortable with it . everything we eat must rub with tattoo on teeth .is it good ?