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Photo editing skills almost fooled the entire world by publishing OSAMA's fake death picture.

As the world was eager to see last glimpse of the World most wanted looked like after shoot out, and the eagerness may remain for ever, as media reports suggest that OSAMA BIN LADEN picture which was surfaced in news channels for some time was not the genuine one.

And we may never see him as according to media reports is buried some where at sea shore. Actually the gruesome head shot image showed a dead Osama bin Laden with half open eyes and hair matted with blood. It was first broadcast on a Pakistani television channel and picked up by British newspaper websites after it appeared the fake picture was initially published by a Middle East online newspaper on 29 April 2009.

The image which is forged on, is based on a genuine photograph of bin Laden taken in 1998 by the Reuters news agency with some look alike head shot. Here it is how it was done.

Src: [ibn-live]

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