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Thank you Pakistan, says Facebookers

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Mumbai, April 26: Trust social networking sites to not miss a chance to have a say in any heated current topic. Fan pages and messages on two popular sites - Facebook and Twitter - are fast becoming an ideal place for Internet junkies to vent.

Facebook reportedly has over 90 fan pages on Sania Mirza and her much talked about wedding to Pakistani cricketer, Shaoib Mallik. The page called 'Thank you Pakistan for taking Sania Mirza, now please take Rakhi Sawant also' has earned itself over 65,000 fans in a matter of two weeks. It currently has over 75,000 people supporting the statement.

And the popularity of the other group,'Throw away Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi', only puts in perspective how much importance the public spat between the two political figures is actually being given. As against the 65,000 fans for Sania's group, this page has only 30-odd members.

The category of this group proudly falls under Common Interest - Politics, while the description is 'throw away these un required people.' The topics of conversation on either site concern young enthusiasts making fun of how both the issues were given reverence on national news.

While a part of the page has also become a ground for debate between Internet junkies from both the neighbouring nations on various topics, the albums have been loaded with images of Rakhi Sawant and one of her alleged forced kiss with Mika Singh as well.

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