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Osama gone, who are the rest nine in FBI's Top-10 Most Wanted List?

Name: Robert William Fisher
Reward: $ 100,000
Crime: Wanted for allegedly killing his wife and two young children and then blowing up the house.

Name: Alexis Flores
Reward: $ 100,000
Crime: Wanted for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping and murder of a five-year-old girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The girl was reported missing in late July of 2000, and later found strangled to death in a nearby apartment in early August of 2000.

Name: Semion Mogilevich
Reward: $ 100,000
Crime: Wanted for his alleged participation in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud thousands of investors in the stock of a public company.

Name: Jason Derek Brown
Reward: $ 100,000
Crime: Wanted for murder and armed robbery in Phoenix, Arizona. Enjoys being the center of attention and has been known to frequent nightclubs where he enjoys showing off his high-priced vehicles, boats, and other toys.

Name: Osama bin Laden
Reward: $ 25 million + $ 2 million
Crime: Most wanted for Twin Tower Attack and others.....

Name: Glen Stewart Godwin
Reward: $ 100,000
Crime: Arrested for drug trafficking. He is thought to be involved in narcotics distribution.

Name: Eduardo Ravelo
Reward: $ 100,000
Crime: Wanted for his involvement in racketeering activities, conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and conspiracy to possess heroin, cocaine and marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Name: Joe Luis Saenz
Reward: $ 100,000
Crime: Wanted for series of crime which includes killing of two rival gang members in Los Angeles. Saenz allegedly kidnapped, raped, and murdered his girlfriend. and involved various criminal activities.

Name: James Joseph Bulger
Reward: $ 2,000,000
Crime: Wanted for his role in numerous murders committed from the early 1970s through the mid-1980s in connection with his leadership of an organized crime group that allegedly controlled extortion, drug deals, and other illegal activities.

Name: Victor Manuel Gerena
Reward: N/a
Crime: Wanted for in connection with the armed robbery of approximately $ 7 million from a security company.

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