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Big B now learns Video Editing.

The latest software which has caught his fancy is video-editing. The actor edited a small snippet of him driving into his house in a car and posted it on his blog.

"After an entire morning of learning how to edit a DVD on my own, have finally managed a little snippet," wrote Bachchan on his blog.

Describing the video,the actor wrote, "This is me in the red SUV coming into my house Jalsa on a Sunday evening. And this is a recurring scenario every Sunday, every evening.

Then waving to the crowds accepting their love and affection, in my track suit and skull cap. The security having a tough time keeping the crowds from charging in." Big B is still in the process of learning how to edit and hopes to yield better results with time.

"That little snippet was, as I said, an attempt to understand the business of editing on this Mac and it is an attempt as you may well notice. Gradually with greater time being spent on the iMovie and Any DVD Convert software we shall have a better result," he wrote.

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