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Evolution of Nokia from Nokia Mobira Senator to Nokia N8

Nokia got into telephony business with Salora in 1979, established Mobira Oy. Withe the launch of Nordic Mobile Telephone, World's first international Mobile operator, in 1981, Nokia launched its first car phone, Mobira Senator, in 1982.

The next product was the Mobira Talkman, a giant 'wireless' car phone launched in 1984, was a bit heavy due to its battery.

After the gigantic wireless sets, the era of hand held ushered  in 1987 with the launch of its first handheld mobile phone - the Mobira Cityman, The Mobira Cityman 900 weighed 800 grams and cost about € 4,560. The mobile was also called as "Gorba", as the then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was famously pictured making a call from the phone.

With the roll out of GSM network in 1991, Nokia released its first digital handheld GSM phone, the Nokia 1011. It was the world's first GSM hand held mobile device with which first call on GSM network was made.

The successor of Nokia 1011 was the Nokia 101 phone in 1992, came with an extendable aerial(antenna).

Nokia, first to feature ringtone with Nokia 2110 was launched in 1994. The Nokia Tune is derived from Gran Vals, a classical guitar piece, composed by Francisco Tarrega in the 19th century. Nokia 2100 series was hugely popular with 20 million piece were sold world over.

Remember The Matrix's Keanu Reeves sliding the mobile handset ??? It's Nokia 8110, launched in 1996.

During the 1997, the age with more than calls began with Nokia 6110, featuring the all time classic, addictive Snake game. Sold about 350 million pieces. It even had Nokia firsts: infra-red port and menu icons.

The external antenna from the nokia vanished in with the launch of Nokia 8810 in 1998, had a techie appeal with the slider form. From there(1998) till now, nokia has been selling highest number of mobile calling devices.

In 2002, with Nokia 6650, Nokia's first 3G phone was launched.

The age with multimedia equipped mobile came into market in 2002, with the release of Nokia 7650 was the first Nokia phone with a built-in camera and was the first Nokia phones to have a color display.

In the same year, Nokia 3650 was the first phone by Nokia to be able to record video.

Nokia launched its mobile-phone-cum-handheld-gaming-device N-Gage in 2003. In 2009 Nokia announced that it will stop development of N-Gage games and would discontinue the N-Gage service by the end of 2010.

The high end mobile devices from Nokia came in the year 2005 with the launch of its N series phones. This mobile series mobile had good entertainment feature with good camera with high pixels. The N70, N90 and N91 were the first of the series to be introduced.

After that, the time for nokia has never been the same..... At present it is facing tough competition from Apple's iPhone and Google's Android devices. In response, Nokia's new flagship phone N8 was announced in April 2010 the phone and right now its is available. The critiques are impressed with its photo capturing as it is too good for its competitors.

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