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Half an hour of mobile use a day 'increases brain cancer risk'.

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A landmark study into the health dangers posed by mobiles has found people who speak on their handset for more than half an hour a day over 10 years are at greater risk of brain cancer.

The World Health Organisation's Interphone report, to be published this week, will say that "heavy users" are more at risk of developing glioma tumours.

It concludes that there is no increased risk of developing the disease in other users.

However, the minimum amount of time which researchers designated at heavy use was just 30 minutes a day.

The study also excluded anyone under 30 from its results, prompting scientists to demand further research into the health implications of mobile 'phone technology.

"Today mobile 'phone use has become much more prevalent and it is not unusual for young people to use mobile 'phones for an hour or more a day," said the scientists in a statement.

The project conducted studies in 13 countries, interviewing tumour sufferers and people in good health to see whether their mobile phone use differed. It questioned about 12,800 people between 2000 and 2004.

A spokesman for the Mobile Operators Association has previously indicated that more than 30 scientific reviews had found no adverse health effects.

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