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Celebrities’ Twitter Followers Have Zero Influence.

Sysmos found that the Twitter followers of social media heavyweights were the most influential of the bunch and followers of celebrities by contrast, have little to no authority.


Celebrities seem to have large amounts of followers with low Twitter authority levels. This could be because they attract everyone from all walks of life. Some people may only be on Twitter to see what their favorite stars have to tweet about.
As the table above shows, most users following these celebrities have a very low authority ranking, partly because they have few followers themselves. Britney Spears has particularly low authority followers, whereas Barack Obama stands out within the three groups with followers who have an average authority ranking of 2.4.

Social Media Heavyweights

Our social media heavyweights seem to have a good spread from all sides of the Twitter authority spectrum with their most common ones being right in the middle. This is likely due to them playing a role in the social media community by sharing and conversing with other high authority users and lower authority people trying to learn from them.
Social Media Heavyweights
The table above shows that many Twitters user following our social media heavyweights are very Twitter-savvy, as well as having a lot followers and high authority ranking themselves.

News/Media Sources

This category seems to be the most spread out. It appears that depending on the type of content that a source delivers, a diffrent type of Twitter user is attracted. Our traditional media sources that deliver a variety of content such as and The New York Times appear to attract more people who are only using Twitter for information but have less interaction with the Twitter community. Not surprisingly, our sources that specialize in social media attract users that are more active on Twitter.
News/Information Sources
As the numbers show, online publications such as ReadWriteWeb and Mashable have a higher authority ranking and more connected Twitter followers than traditional news sources such as the New York Times.

Src & Text: [sysomos]

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