Do you Know about?

Complaints against new iPhone 4 are building up.

Several early iPhone 4 customers have discovered critical issues with the phone’s display and reception that could pose major problems for Apple’s newest mobile device.

Multiple Apple- and gadget-focused websites are receiving reports that the iPhone’s much-discussed “Retina Display” is susceptible to a yellow discoloration, either as a thin line of yellow or as a circular tint.

Message board threads on Macrumors are buzzing with negative reviews of the discolored iPhone 4 screens. Here’s an excerpt from a community member:

“Just synced up my iPhone 4 and noticed that, on screens with a white background (i.e., Settings.), there is a decidedly yellow spot on the lower left corner of my screen. It appears circular (about the size of a pencil eraser) but when you rotate the phone sideways, it’s more visible as running across the bottom edge of the screen a ways.”

The second problem affects reception.Dozens of iPhone 4 owners are finding that their reception drops dramatically if they hold the phone by its metal sides in two places.

If the problem grows the apple might stop shipping its iPhone 4 and recall its iPhone 4 to know whats wrong in its root.

The metal bands of the iPhone 4 also act as antennas for the device.

There is also drop in Netspeed and connectivity if they hold the side steel frame.

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