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Saudi deports U.A.E's men on grounds of being 'too handsome'

Saudi Arabia religious authorities (police) have deported three nationals of UAE for being too handsome, ya, you heard it right, for being "TOO HANDSOME".

According to Arabic language newspaper Elaph, sitting in the stands as delegates from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Jenadrivah Heritage and Cultural Festival in Riyadh on Sunday, nothing seemed to be wrong with the men in question but that didn't stop the mutaween, Saudi Arabia's religious police, from charging in and hauling the men away.

Later, organiser said that the men from UAE were taken out on the grounds that they were too handsome and the Commission members feared that female visitors could fall for them, the New York Post reported.

After being dragged out of the event by the Saudi authorities, they were deported back to their country, UAE.

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