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'iPhone vs Android' report finds Apple has three times Google's market share but Blackberry still has a good lead.

Vying for their share of the smartphone market are two of the tech industry’s fiercest competitors: Apple, with its iconic iPhone, and Google, with its fast-growing Android operating system.

Between Q4 ’09 and Q1 ’10, Android and iPhone’s share of the smartphone market grew by 2% each. At the same time, smartphone leader Blackberry lost 2% share to fall to 35% of all smartphones while Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS also lost 2% to fall to 19%.

Although Android and iPhone users both skew male (Android users show a 54/46 gender split compared to iPhone’s 55/45), there are some striking differences. Android users tend to be slightly younger than their iPhone peers- 55% of Android users are under the age of 34 — while just 47% of iPhone users fall within the same demographic. As is usually the case, age is also a prime determinant of income and education, with Android users slightly less wealthy and less educated.

Src: [Blog.Nielsen]

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