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Software to measure emotions of Internet users.

Aude Dufresne, professor at the University of Montreal (UofM) Department Of Communications, led a team of researchers that are designing a new software to evaluate the biological responses of Internet users.

Simply put, the new software measures everything in web users from body heat to eye movements to facial expressions and analyses how they relate to online activities.

The technology is now being tested at the newly opened Bell User Experience Centre, which is located at the telecom giant's Nun's Island campus.

Bell will use the University of Montreal technology to investigate how people react to websites. Such studies will provide companies with facts on how they can improve online experiences.

"With e-commerce and the multiplication of retail websites, it has become crucial for companies to consider the emotions of web users," says Dufresne, according to an UofM release.

"Our software is the first designed to measure emotions at conscious and preconscious levels, which will give companies a better sense of the likes and dislikes of web users," the release said.

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