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Sony rolls out PlayStation 3D and its motion controller.

At a press briefing at the E3 games expo, Sony outlined its plans for PlayStation 3 and its PSP handheld.

Sony said a recent software update had made all 35 million PlayStations sold 3D-ready.

The firm also announced details for its new motion controller, PlayStation Move.
The centrepiece of the launch was a demo from the upcoming Killzone 3, which Sony described as a "technological showpiece". The fast-paced 3D action shooter was displayed on a giant screen.

Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainments chairman, said the combination of 3D gaming and its new motion controller would result in "the closest thing you will ever experience to being in the game yourself."

"What Avatar did for 3D movies, titles like Killzone 3 will do for games," he said.

3D has been one of E3's most talked-about technologies. While Sony's games require users to wear 3D glasses, Nintendo has announced that it revamped 3D DS handheld will not.

Sony also announced a slew of forthcoming 3D titles for the PlayStation 3, including Grand Turismo 5, Crysis 2, and Ghost Recon, in addition to re-mastering of some old classics, such as Wipeout 3D.

Src & Text: [BBC]

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