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TweetMeme’s Retweet Buttons Auto-Translate Tweets.

Two parts of the button have translation features,
Firstly the button itself and the pop-up you get when you click to do the retweet are now translated into 7 languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese. We will then be putting up an area to crowd source the translations to other languages.
Secondly we have integrated Google Translate to automatically translate any stories you retweet into your own language. This automatically detects if translation is required and prompts you when it has made the change, it is a simple one-click to revert the translation if that is not what you desire.
The new language support is on top of an impressive feature set,

  • The best user and publisher retweets experience
  • URL Shortener Support (including BIT.LY Pro)
  • Mobile Phone Support (iPhone, Android)
  • Image Button – that allows the embedding into RSS + Emails
  • Spaces – allows you to control how many white spaces you leave at the end of the tweet
  • Hash Tag support
If you are website owner you can read all the technical details of the changes on our help page, if you want to install the button from scratch visit our installation page.

Src & Text: [blog.tweetmeme]

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