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Bharath Bandh leads in Twitter Trending Topic at no. 1 place

Bharath(India's other name and firstly named by Hindu King) Bandh(Closed) was called by the Opposition party of India against the protest of Rise in fuel and Ration price.

Gasoline prices in the United States, which have recently hit record highs, are actually much lower than in many countries. Drivers in some European cities, like Amsterdam and Oslo, are paying nearly 3 times more than those in the U.S. -cnn

Here are the Gasoline price across some Countries (Note:Price in USD Regular/Gallon).

Turkey(Istanbul): $8.78
Netherlands: 7.91
UK: $6.59
Germany: $6.51
Japan: $5.19
Australia: $4.32
Canada: $3.82
China: $3.58
USA: $2.83

Venezuela: $0.09

1 gallon = 3.78541178 liters

which means in

India: $4.79 (here i am taking price of 1 liter of gasoline =Rs.~57(varies across cities) and 1 INR = ~ $45 USD )

This topic now is now widely discussed through out the world, Even the Twitter's Trending topic section shows it in no. 1 position.

Though i cant argue whether it is called for good reason or bad reason but the only person suffering is the common man 'Aam Aadmi'

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