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Bluetooth 4.0 specifications revealed, expected in devices by Q4 2010

While developing the Bluetooth 4.0 Core Specification, SIG’s primary focus areas were low power consumption using new ‘low energy technology’, apart from enhanced range and multi-vendor operability. They seem to have achieved what they set out to do, and claim that it will allow for several years’ worth of usage on standard coin-cells. This will allow for very small and low cost devices to incorporate Bluetooth as a connectivity option, as it doesn’t require large batteries to power it. This ‘low energy technology’ feature of Bluetooth 4.0 promises to have “new  applications in  health care, fitness, security and home entertainment”.

According to the Executive Director of SIG, Michael Foley, "Bluetooth wireless technology can now, with the hard work of our members and our world-class qualification program, really do it all.”

Complete specifications are available at You can check out list of enhancements below in the meanwhile, which are advantages of the low energy technology:

• Ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption
• Ability to run for years on standard coin-cell batteries
• Low cost
• Multi-vendor interoperability
• Enhanced range

Interoperability testing and qualification will take place at SIG's 37th testing event, UnPlugFest (UPF) 37, which is scheduled for 4-8th October, 2010, in Barcelona, Spain. The first devices featuring Bluetooth 4.0 are officially expected by the end of the year.

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