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IPL 4 is all set be guided by Yesteryear Cricketers

After the exile of Lalit Modi, IPL governing body had decided that Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri, all of whom led India will be taking decision which will determine the future of Multi Billion Dollar game.

The former captains who will decide how the league will shape up have tossed interesting thoughts at the eight existing franchisees to draw out their ideas before laying down the rules for the crucial auction that is to be held in August or September.

Retention of players, the salary cap and the format may go through a revolutionary process before all conditions are agreed upon by the eight existing franchisees and the two new teams (Pune and Kochi).

There are issues to be sorted out by the IPL General Council (GC). First, the salary cap, which may now be set at $8 million per team.

Other is about the retention of players. How many cricketers should the eight existing teams be allowed to keep on their payroll?

Among the ideas floated by the ex-captains and articulated by Sunil Gavaskar in an email to the franchisees is the thought that the eight be allowed to retain four Indian and three overseas players because an earlier resolution of the IPL governing council says so.

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